Crossing Paths

Street photography.
A look at ourselves through the people we cross paths with.
I’ve taken each individual out of their surroundings to focus only on the person themselves.
Armed with a light and a  background we set out to the streets to photograph the people crossing our path, to discover who walks where and how we can connect- at least for a few seconds.
I love making portraits and I’m curious about meeting the people I cross paths with.
In order to focus on the individual I decided to eliminate the city background and create a studio-like environment
Thanks to everyone who is being a part of this.
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Behind the scenes

Carlos David Gonzalez is a beauty and portrait photographer based in New York. He believes in the constant evolution of the artist. His unique photographic style with his fashion approach to portraiture has been featured in publications in his native Mexico as well as various European countries. His work combines different fields of expression in a constant search of new ways of achieving the “perfect portrait.” Literature, theater and dance play significant roles in his creations. For Carlos, photography is a constant learning and a never-ending transformation