A well chosen outfit is key to the perfect headshot!  So when it’s time for your headshot session make sure you dress for success!
You want to give the impression you are someone who stands strong on their feet.  An actor that is open to experience and ready for everything. Your headshot will tell everyone who you are and how far are you willing to go.
A plain long-sleeve T shirt in a muted color is always a good choice. It shows an actor with a good disposition for anything and it doesn’t distract the viewer from your face. Avoid white since it’ll get lost with the white background. A classic suit with a nicely pressed collar shirt is also a good option. Avoid patterns, stripes, big jewelry pieces or anything that might grab too much attention.
We don’t want the style to overrun your headshot. We just want neat and nice clothing.  No gold chains or caps or cool cellphones in the shot. Every garment should be clean and tidy as if it just came out of the box. Don’t forget to iron the night before( although we do have an iron on the premises just in case).
It’s more flattering to have a long or half sleeve shirt or blouse in a headshot. It allows the viewer to focus on the face of the actor. The less patterns the better. If you want to be photographed with a dress look for something with sleeves too, unless you have the intention to show your full arms and shoulders. And remember: No bright saturated colors, turtle necks or T shirts with fancy logos.
REMEMBER: Bring clothing that makes you feel and look like a “star”.
What to bring
  • Clothing that make you feel and look like a “star”.
  • Two to four blouses or shirts
  • Two to four T-shirts .
  • Clean and rested face. –Sleep well the night prior your session.
  • If you’re not hiring our in house make up artist, bring Make up- include loose powder to avoid shine.
  • Hairstyling products  you normally use.
  • One pair of shoes (they won’t be seen in a headshot).
  • One pair of very comfortable pants (they won’t be seen in a headshot so it can even be your pajamas).
What not to worry about
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Heavy fur coats
  • Bringing an iron
  • Belts (not seen in the headshot)
Remember to sleep very well the night prior to your session. Before going to sleep you can  put a slice of cucumber on each eye, just for a couple of minutes, don’t leave it all night. It will refresh your eyelids. In the morning, if you have time, place a used but cold chamomile tea bag on each eye as well. This will lower any swelling that may have occurred during the night. If hair and make up is included in your session please come with a washed face and have a product-free hair. Loose is best but you can wear a simple pony tail if necessary.
If hair and make up is included in your session please have a washed face and loose, product-free hair.
If you are doing your own make-up and hair, please arrive with:
Clean and styled hair.
Normal makeup for daytime. Please bring blush and lipstick with you since we may add some for contouring. Also bring loose powder.
Avoid heavy colored eye shadow and dramatic liner.
When you do your own makeup keep in mind that make up for a camera is different that the make up for daily use- remember less is more! We encourage you to hire a professional make up artist for best results.
We can send you a list of make up artists we work with for you to chose.
If you have any additional question about hair, makeup, clothing or just anything, please feel free to contact us:
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