PERSONAE, portraits of personal fiction
Portrait photographer Carlos David explores the intricate relationship between the way we see ourselves in both idealized and fantastical manifestations and the objective reality captured by the camera and the observer. The focus of his work is to create a diverse community drawn together by the collective action of revealing their fantasies and dreams.
His process invites participants to transform into their alter ego or a character of their choice, enabling freedom of expression. And yet in the act of doing so, the subjects can explore and reveal more profound and hidden parts of themselves.
David’s subjects have ranged from Uber drivers and teachers to intellectuals, poets, and artists. In this next stage of his work, he will be inviting survivors of conflict and violence, LGBTQ persons and veterans to be part of the project, and look forward to engaging with their communities, support groups, and families.



For the first session of PERSONAE Carlos David collaborated with art director Elliott Ortiz, makeup artists Engelina Wibowo and Olga Subach, hair stylists Jason Linkow and Francesca Maria and many more artists. 
The Photographer
Carlos David is an art and commercial photographer based in New York City. He specialize in lighting. ” Photography is my passion and obsession. When I am not on a commercial photoshoot I dedicate my time to personal projects. My latest project, PERSONAE, has been a great learning experience in regards of community, collaborations and the strong fact that together we are stronger”. 

The Art Director

Elliott Ortiz C  (Artistic Director / Choreographer) :   American-Venezuelan artistic director, choreographer, producer has extensive experience collaborating for Performing Arts institutions in South America, Europe, Canada and more recently in USA.



Olga Subach
I have participated in the project because it was one of the most creative projects I got a chance to be involved in, with you being totally open to my ideas and imagination, not to mention your talent as a photographer itself!


 My favorite character was Fred, Fred, Fred! The Rabbit.
Does this project influences the community?
 Absolutely- I believe the whole idea was surprising even for the models – gave the opportunity to discover their inner world; the project supported the fundamental idea of art existence itself- showed how imagination, feelings, fears, pain, love protest can be expressed through many means of art (style, hair, makeup) and coronated by your photography talent!
Olga Subach New York based Print Makeup artist and hair stylist.
Graduated master program of MKC Beauty Academy,
Hollywood, Los Angeles, in 2006 and have been practicing
makeup in LA, Palm Beach, Nantucket and NY ever since.


 Jason Linkow
I have always considered myself a creative communicator who does it through hair design. This project was a fantasy for myself to be able to explore my core believes deeper. Having the opportunity to do high-quality artistic portraits that weren’t necessarily fashion but grand in nature excites me!


My favorite character was Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany. It’s a movie that’s always captivated me and I fantasized many times myself about being able to do hair from that film! 
The creative process of a project of this nature allows the participant to free their inner creative desires and express them in a way that shift perception about themselves.
Jason has been specializing in hair design and styling for over 20 years. He believes that real beauty requires a holistic approach looking deeper than just the surface to create harmony between your inner and outer self.
Always forward thinking, Jason has been at the forefront of creating what’s next. His background includes extensive salon work, NYFW, editorial, film, add campaigns, special events and hairstyling training.


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