PERSONAE, portraits of personal fiction
Portrait photographer Carlos David explores the intricate relationship between the way we see ourselves in both idealized and fantastical manifestations and the objective reality captured by the camera and the observer. The focus of his work is to create a diverse community drawn together by the collective action of revealing their fantasies and dreams.
His process invites participants to transform into their alter ego or a character of their choice, enabling freedom of expression. And yet in the act of doing so, the subjects can explore and reveal more profound and hidden parts of themselves.
David’s subjects have ranged from Uber drivers and teachers to intellectuals, poets, and artists. In this next stage of his work, he will be inviting survivors of conflict and violence, LGBTQ persons and veterans to be part of the project, and look forward to engaging with their communities, support groups, and families.

Aya feeling beautiful
Iris Goddess
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